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Simply Ask!Is your online digital marketing strategy failing? We can help!


A successful strategy for online digital marketing begins with a high performance website. We design and build websites responsive to any device; desktops, tablets, mobile devices and smart phones. It is the hub, the center of your online marketing plan.


Secure, reliable hosting is crucial once you have a high performance website. Whether we build it or us host your existing site on our Linux based servers and includes email. Digital Solutions HQ offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee and 24/7 customer service & support.

Local Search

Relevancy in Local Search has become much more important with the advance of mobile computing. Searches all begin locally. We will get your "built for performance" website both listed and indexed locally by Google, Yelp, Bing or

Organic Search

Does your product or service has a national market? If so, once your website is being mapped locally, and consistently ranks high in local search, the next goal is to grow your organic rank. Focus some resources toward building back-links, and expanding content.

Want to do it yourself? Our online DIY store has 50,000+ customized marketing products.

Social Media
& Blogging

Third-party reviews, social media and creative blogging will help drive your search and rankings higher. We ghost write your blogs and post to your social media accounts. Our efforts encourage social media interaction.

Safe, Secure,
SSL Encryption

Add SSL Encryption to your website to create an encrypted link between a user's browser and our servers. We protect your website, data and shared information, as well as create a weekly back-up of your site.

24/7 Real Person
Customer Support

At Digital Solutions HQ, we provide our customers with support and advice to individuals and businesses of all sizes 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Get an instant help from our professional support team.

Need A High-Performance Website For Your Business?

Affordable and fast, our sites are designed to perform. And it is an easy 5-step process!

  • Retain Digital Solutions HQ to design, build and manage your new website
  • Pick the foundation from our online store, we will use to build your site
  • Determine the number of pages required to adequately describe your company
  • We will fill each page of your site with fresh content, pictures and copy
  • Optimize, launch and submit to both major and minor search engines

First, retain Digital Solutions HQ (EntreServ Corporation) to design and build your new high performance website and blog, as well as integrate your social media efforts. The cost to retain us is $249. When we launch your site you agree to pay us an additional $149 per page built and launched. Most sites are an average of 5 pages (Home/About/Products-Services/Contact/Privacy).

Visit our Online Marketing Store and pick out a template to use as the foundation of your new website. We suggest choosing based on "Layout, Style, Function & Flow" being these are pre-coded and we have little ability to change them. Additionally, look for sites coded using "Bootstrap" and Responsive JavaScript as they are responsive to any device being used.

As stated previously, the average website is 5 pages. Some have more some have less. It isn't how much content your website has. It is the quality of your content that will determine how high you may rank in both local and organic search. Other factors such as blogging and social media management also impact your SEO rankings, both in desktop search and mobile search.

We fill your new website with fresh content never seen by a search engine spider or search engine robot. We use the best stock photography and icons for your high performance website. Additionally, all of the copy is professionally written and all original. Your are welcome to submit both pictures and text of your own, but it has to be original copy material and content.

Once all of your content is in place and you are thrilled with the way the website looks and performs, then optimize each page according to current search engine algorithms and create a site map. We then officially launch the website and submit it to both large search engines and small. Additionally, we host and provide basic SEO for the next 12 months as part of your retainer.

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